Our Tiny Company

Darwin River Software LLC is a small company that was established to support the creation of engaging educational application. The organization is built on an open soruce model in which contributions from patrons, sponsors, and committed developers, are used to guide and support the creation of free educational software. Ex Machinis is our effort to create a multiplayer space game that encourages and inspires the development of fundamental programing skills as tool for success.

Our Tallented Team

Ex Machinis is being developed and maintained by a small team of dedicated and highly motivated developers. You can follow our efforts on GitHub.

  • Carlos Rodriguez Nuñuez
  • Fernando Rivas
  • David Rozak

Our Awesome Sponsors

We rely entirely on our generous Patreon sponsors for encouragement, feedback, and financial support. We wouldn't be here without them!

  • Rodney Bonner
  • Epoch Nine
  • Radical Wave
  • Jason Starttraveler
  • Tovirus
  • Simon Jones
  • Joachim Duquesne
  • Dennis Schlueter
  • Jörg Reisig
  • Wonkyness2